During our college days, we noticed a lot of students doing great projects. However once the project reviews were done, they would all be dumped, they would never fully meet their potential. We thought about all the communities that could be impacted with these great ideas. This lead to the birth of Chennai Society of Inventors. We stood for great ideas and were committed to bringing them to the right recipients. Along the way, we noticed that the planet was also in danger. Realising the need of the moment, we rebranded to Chennai Society of Inventors and Ecofreaks to focus also on combatting climate change. Keep watching out for us! We've got some exciting projects planned for this year!


1. To improve the livelihood of  communities by using scientific inventions.

2. To provide a platform for all the inventors to showcase and exhibit their inventions.

3. To connect relevant inventions and innovations to the communities in need.

4. To improve safety and welfare of civilians by using technological solutions.

5. To bring about scientific awareness amongst all communities alike.

6. To bring out environmental awareness amongst all communities in order to save and restore our planet.

7. To protect and conserve all species of Flora and fauna alike.

8. To preserve and protect natural environments and prevent their degradation.

9. To aid and assist individuals/organizations in their pursuit of environmental conservation

10. To bring out great ideas for the overall betterment of all communities.